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CEI logoC.E.I. was set up back in 1969 as a manufacturer of gearboxes and differential gears. Each day, the production facilities take tonnes of raw materials, shaping and transforming them under the watchful eyes of their technicians, committed now as in previous years to achieving a quality comparable to that of the original part and in some cases even managing to improve on it.

      The sudden change in company's customers requirements in the last decade has led C.E.I. to invest some resources in totally different parts from those the firm usually produced. C.E.I. owners' dynamism led them to diversify production to meet and satisfy the various requests made by their customers. Therefore the company faced a new production challenge by including in their range steering gears and front axles, engine parts, braking systems, cardan gears as well as other minor groups such as oil hydraulics.
     Throughout these years, C.E.I.'s commitment has led them to be a leader in the spare parts sector and they export their products to over 65 countries across 5 continents. Today C.E.I. has stored over 600,000 parts in their warehouses so that they never have to say no to you.

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