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Results of the campaign "At the World Cup with Fras-le"

Dear friends,

We want to share with you our experiences from a recent trip to Brazil. As you remember, in the period from 06/01/13 to 01/03/14, we, together with Fras-le, carried out the campaign "At the World Cup with Fras-le".

Following the results of the campaign, 11 people from Ukraine were able to spend seven days in Brazil, to visit the headquarters of Fras-le, inspect manufacturing facilities, as well as to visit two matches of World Cup 2014: South Korea - Algeria in Porto Alegre, and Algeria - Russia in Curitiba.

Thank's a lot to the receiving side, which has made every effort to make our week-long visit pleasant and comfortable. Warmest words deserve employees who accompanied us during our stay. Always open, welcoming and friendly. Our respect! !

Despite the busy schedule, there was enough time for interesting excursions, pedestrian walks and visits to the local restaurants, We had a lasting impression that most of the time we spent there :) Due to this we were fully able to appreciate the uniqueness and diversity of Brazilian cuisine. More over, this trip - was a unique opportunity to share experiences with partners Fras-le from more than 30 countries.

One of the key aspects of the program was a visit to the headquarters and production facilities of Fras-le company. And that was impressive! Huge plant, which manufactured friction materials for a variety of applications, a modern research laboratory, a 15-kilometer test site and much more. Fras-le - №1 in the world in terms of production of brake linings for drum brakes. Products Fras-le is sent to the five continents.

But, of course, the most interesting episodes of our trip associated with the stay at the stadium. Great mood, vivid emotions, the intensity of opposition - all of which will forever remain in the memory of everyone who attended the match at this level.

Below is a brief photo report on our trip:

Ukraine, Argentina, Belgium, Guatemala, Greece, Denmark, Egypt, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Chile, South Africa and others ...

Our first match in Porto Alegre.

Ukraine above all!

Part of the motherland on a distant land :)

Before the second match in Curitiba.

Brazilians - also vote for peace in Ukraine!